Dr. Polina R. Ware

Global Technical and Innovation Director

Currently a Global Technical and Innovation Director, Dr. Ware’s journey in the corporate world has been marked by impactful leadership roles at large enterprises including 3M, IBM, PPG, LANXESS, and Rogers Corporation. At heart, Dr. Ware is a high-energy leader, business strategist, and product innovator who is passionate about driving change and shaping the future. Over the years, her expertise has grown in global organizational leadership, growth strategy, digital transformation, talent development, and product launch and innovation. Dr. Ware started her career as an innovator at 3M, demonstrating her ability to predict emerging trends and new market white spaces. During her tenure at LANXESS, she identified billion-dollar growth opportunities by expanding the organization’s per-polymer technology to CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers) market from hot elastomers. At Rogers Corporation, she delivered $30M in shared synergies within her first six months, bolstered growth in European market, and expanded production capabilities in the EU by leading M&A efforts through the acquisition and integration of $40 M UK-based Company Silicone Engineering. More recently, Dr. Ware’s efforts have helped position the PPG packaging business for market growth and competitive advantage by motivating a team of 150, driving sustainability-focused innovation, and accelerating product development cycles through predictive modeling, digitalization, and introduction of artificial intelligence. Having experienced the immigrant journey, she excels at cultivating inclusive environments where innovation, diversity, and forward-thinking approaches thrive. Dr. Ware holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Her foundation is rooted in a PhD and MS in Polymer Science &Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, augmented by a BS in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Ware is a frequent speaker on innovation, sustainability, and leadership. She holds a number of patents in chemical industry is an author of encyclopedia chapter on Urethanes chemistry and is a recipient of a young leader award from Society of Chemical Engineers (AICHE).