Dr. Francesca Luzi

Polytechnic University of Marche

Dr. Francesca Luzi, a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Marche, specializes in Materials Science and Technology (DSS ING-IND/22). Her research spans various areas, including the development and characterization of innovative polymeric systems for both industrial and biomedical applications. She also focuses on the revalorization of lignocellulosic materials and the extraction of lignocellulosic nanofillers for use in polymeric systems, aiming to enhance their structural and functional properties in combination with active additives. Her scientific investigations delve into thermal, morphological, rheological, and mechanical properties, as well as the mechanical recycling and disintegration processes of polymer formulations. Dr. Luzi's research output is extensive, with over 100 publications, including papers and book chapters, and she has presented 14 oral or poster contributions at national and international conferences and workshops. Her work has garnered significant recognition, with a total citation count of 3541 and an H-index of 33 according to the Scopus database. In addition to her research endeavors, Dr. Luzi is actively involved in teaching activities, offering courses on "Environmentally Sustainable Materials for Industrial Engineering" and "Materials Technology" at the Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona, Italy. She contributes to the academic community by serving as a referee for international journals and holding positions such as Editorial Board Section Board Member at Polymers (MDPI). Currently, she is co-editing a special issue titled "Polymer Innovations: Advancements in Bioplastics and Bio-Sustainable Materials." Furthermore, she serves on the "Reviewer Board" for the journal Nanomaterials (MDPI). Dr. Luzi also participates in competitive national and international research calls, further advancing her contributions to the field of Materials Science and Technology.