Prof. Simona Sabbatini

Polytechnic University of Marche

Prof. Simona Sabbatini, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the Polytechnic University of Marche, specializes in the chemical foundations of technologies (DSS CHIM 07). With extensive experience in material characterization using infrared spectroscopy, both in the medium and near-infrared ranges, she leads research activities in several key areas. Her research interests encompass vibrational analysis and characterization of various materials, including biological materials, biomaterials, atmospheric nanoparticles, synthetic nanostructures, microplastics, bitumen, and inert materials. Prof. Sabbatini also focuses on the synthesis and spectroscopic characterization (using techniques such as FTIR, NMR, and EPR) of biodegradable polymers. She investigates polymerization processes for the synthesis of polymer matrix composites that are functionalized with antimicrobial agents, particularly for applications in food packaging. Prof. Sabbatini's scholarly contributions are substantial, with over 60 papers, 2 book chapters, and approximately 70 posters or oral presentations at national and international conferences and workshops. Her work has garnered recognition, with a total citation count of 1501 and an H-index of 23 according to the Scopus database. In addition to her research endeavors, Prof. Sabbatini is actively engaged in teaching activities, offering courses on "Chemistry" (CHIM/07) and "Diagnostics for Restoration" at the Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona, Italy. She frequently serves as a referee for international journals and plays a role in organizing scientific events aimed at both general audiences and research professionals in chemistry for applied technologies and vibrational spectroscopy. Prof. Sabbatini holds positions on the editorial boards as a Section Board Member for the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IF 5.6) and Polymers (IF 5), further demonstrating her involvement and expertise in the field. Additionally, she actively participates in competitive national and international research calls, contributing to advancements in chemistry and applied technologies.