Dr. Hosseinkhani

Matrix HT

Dr. Hossein Hosseinkhani, Biomedical Engineer, has broad experience in life sciences and is an expert in nanotechnology, biomaterials, drug delivery, 3D in vitro systems, bioreactor technology, and bioengineering stem cells technology. His working experience is mainly attributed to academia and industry of biomedical engineering research and development (which includes several years of basic science research experience in a number of premier institutions related to the structure and function of biomaterials, and in polymer-based and mineral-based medical implants development in the medical device industry). He has been awarded several prestigious awards including JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science)Award, European Marie Skłodowska - CurieAward, and Japanese ICYS (International Center for Young Scientists)Award. He authored more than 100 scientific papers published on peer-reviewed Journals, 5 books, and 10 book chapters (H-index: 49Google Scholar). He is inventor of 16 National and International patents, several of which are licensed to companies acting in the biomedical fields and translated to 7 commercial products. He is the founder of Matrix HT, Inc., a world leading Biotech Company dedicated to healthcare technology to improve patient's quality of life. He is Editor-in-Chief of Recent Progress in Materials, a peer-reviewed Open Access journal published online by LIDSEN Publishing Inc., Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Modern Nanotechnology, a peer-reviewed Open Access journal published online by the Innovation Forever Publishing Group Ltd., and the Country Editor of Current Drug Delivery.